Vespa House is a Melbourne scooter landmark established 65 years ago.

Vespa House was originally opened as a full-time scooter workshop in 1956 by an immigrant from northern Italy by the name of Vittorio (Tony) Tonon.Retro Vespa House from the late 1950'sVespa House has passed through three generations with Tony's son Frank and now Frank's son Dean continuing the tradition of flying the Vespa flag with Dean running the showroom and Frank managing the workshop to this day.

Vespa House is known as the cornerstone of the Vespa world in Australia. Situated in Collingwood, Melbourne, it is the most iconic and longest running specialist Vespa seller and workshop on this vast continent.

 The Vespa House family continues to strives for excellence and to deliver successfully a service and experience to Vespa and Piaggio community of Melbourne Australia.

Dean is on the frontline of the showroom, selling Vespa's and Piaggio's to their loyal and respectful customers, who not only appreciate the culture and style, but also the love of this Italian icon.