In the mid-1960s, a new generation of sporty Vespa invaded the European roads: its name was Vespa Sprint. They were gutsy, quick, extremely agile and fearless, like the mentality of the young people who rode them. Vespa Sprint is the essence of the bold, extrovert and brave spirit which has been deeply embedded for more than 60 years in Vespa’s DNA. Addresses to youths of all ages emphasising the sporty styles evoked by its name, legendary by birthright, Sprint keeps shining on the streets of the world.

With this season's new colour Red Scarlatto Vespa Sprint’s small and light body, comfortable and protecting, made entirely of steel, is not just Red, it’s Scarlatto, a colour of power, wealth and luxury since ancient times. The story of Red Scarlatto can be traced back to Roman times, during which, officers wore scarlet cloaks called "paludamenta" and persons of high rank were referred to as the “coccinati”, “the people of red”. A tribute to the colour that first appeared on the 1947 Vespa Corsa 98 Circuito, Red Scarlatto gives a feeling of mature elegance and charming attraction. This unique shade is a resonance of the past yet still strikes out for superior modernity today thanks to its leading aesthetics.

No less interesting is the personality behind the exciting new Black Vulcano. Named after a small volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, which in turn derives from Vulcan, the Roman god of fire – Black Vulcano is associated with power, mystery, strength, yet still stands for elegance which further highlights the timeless icon of vitality that Vespa Sprint is.

Enriched by the most advanced technical features and designed to achieve the highest levels of stability and handling, Vespa Sprint came to life to translate everyday travel into fun.